First post // Movie Review: Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Story Ever Sold

Hi, everybody!

Today I’m starting a new chapter of my life by starting a new blog. What will you be able to find in this blog? Probably lots of stuff like reviews, recaps, lists, commentaries, rants, links, and essays about TV, movies, books, music, podcasts, websites, commercials, stand-up comedy special CD/DVD box sets, stories told in hieroglyphics within the tombs of ancient Egyptian  pharaohs, warnings to mankind written in strategically bent corn crops, and maybe some comic books, I haven’t decided yet.

Today I’m starting off with a quick review of Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary, Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Story Ever Sold.

This is a documentary about advertising and product integration, specifically in the film industry. The majority of the movie is Spurlock attempting to get different companies to agree to sponsor his movie. As Jimmy Kimmel puts it in an interview that both promotes and appears in the movie, it’s like the Inception of documentaries.

Good stuff:

  • One of the executives at Pom Wonderful is a Jewish Elizabeth Taylor look-a-like who seems surprisingly sweet and funny. I may be in love her.
  • Morgan Spurlock thinks that the product Mane n’ Tail (a shampoo that can be used on human or equine hair) is really funny. Like, REALLY funny. I mean, I can see why a person would think this product is odd, but this guy giggles like a schoolgirl for minutes every time this product comes up. One of the last scenes of the movie is a full commercial for Mane n’ Tail that comes with a disclaimer that the company did not pay to be in the movie. Meaning that Morgan Spurlock is so invested in his Mane n’ Tail material that he will advertise for this company for free!
  • Brett Ratner perfectly sums up his entire career when he says something along the lines of “Artist integrity? Pfft.” I love a man who’s self-aware.
  • The high schoolers interviewed come off as very intelligent and eloquent. And this is a public high school, even!
Bad stuff:
  • The director of Hitchcock is very, very scary. He reminds me of the toothless hillbilly who rapes the main characters of Deliverance. If I look his name up the hillbillies win.
  • Morgan Spurlock is a little too personally offended that the Pom Wonderful execs want to tell him what their ad should be like. They are paying you $1 million to promote them.
  • Early in the movie Spurlock tells the Ban deodorant executives he’s going to suggest the people he interviews put on some deodorant. Later, he interviews the notoriously smelly Quentin Tarantino with a stick of Ban deodorant on the table in front of him. I was so sure that at some point he would suggest Tarantino put some on, but he just let that lie there.
Go see it in the theater! Then buy the DVD when it comes out! Spurlock doesn’t see one penny from his sponsors until his movie makes a certain amount of money, and his children need wine! You should also see it because it’s an interesting, insightful and funny film that is so meta it may as well have been directed by Abed Nadir.
Trailer aside:
I think Troll Hunters looks like the best foreign language, either strongly pro- or strongly anti-religion, vaguely indie troll-based action/horror movie to come out since Das Schleppangel. For real though, whaaaaaaaaat? (Full disclosure: Das Schleppangel is not a real movie, but I did look up the German word for troll to create that fake title.)

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One response to “First post // Movie Review: Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Story Ever Sold

  1. lennyburnham

    Good work! Finally I can read a blog without worrying that the writer’s opinions will be less than 95% in agreement with my own.

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